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Our Live Dealer White Label Casino is the closest you get to actually walking into a real life casino without having to leave your home. As if the lifelike look and feel isn’t enough, the Ezugi platform also bring a social element to the virtual table so you can even interact with other players and your Facebook friends. Of course this is all brought to you turn-key with a fully operational backend. All you have to do is place your logo on the website and you are ready to go!

  • Vidgets

    The extra functionalities of the Ezugi Live Dealer games are provided by the specially built in Vidgets. As a casino manager you can add and remove any Vidgets whenever you like. To give you an idea of the possibilities, please read more about Vidgets below.

  • Facebook

    Players love to stay social while enjoying their game. With Facebook Vidget players can update their status and other information on Facebook without having to leave the table. You can even stimulate your players to help you make your games go viral. Just offer a bonus on posts and shares.

  • Twitter

    The social possibilities of Facebook Vidget are also available for Twitter. Twitter Vidget contains the same type of sharing and posting tools as well as the options to stimulate sharing among players.

  • Mini Games

    Like all Vidgets Mini Games Vidget offers extra options to the player without having to exit the game. Players can choose from a range of slots and other RNG games that can be played while also playing at the table. Bets in Mini Games Vidget are placed using the same player’s wallet. Mini Games Vidget optimizes the entertainment value of the time spent at the table as well as the monetization of the games.

  • Poll

    Poll Vidget collects valuable player information while leaving players to their game. Players can answer different questions while playing at a table. To stimulate them, just add a bonus for every answered question. Another win-win Vidget.

  • Video Book

    With Video Book Vidget players can keep their eyes on their own game while watching another. The picture-in-picture option allows players to watch other tables and even external video channels while playing. Your players can keep their attention at the table and still won’t have to miss a minute of that important match or their favorite series with multiple video feeds available.

  • Gallery

    Do you have a current promotion the player should know about? Is there an upcoming event you want to inform the player about? Gallery Vidget can show any info you want to make available to the player right at the table. So add any marketing information you want to Gallery Vidget for maximum exposure and zero loss of game time.

  • News Feed

    News Feed Vidget connects to any RSS feed. Players can combine their game with a scroll through the latest news and keep up with the latest events right at their table.

  • Alert

    Alert Vidget creates in-game alerts to let players know about anything that requires their immediate attention. You can even provide links in Alert Vidget.

  • Backend

    Everything that happens in the frontend of your live dealer casino can be viewed in the backend and important processes can even be adjusted. This way you have full control over what happens in your live dealer casino.

  • Affiliate Software

    Your success will be determined by your online presence. For maximum exposure White Label Casino Builders offers state-of-the-art affiliate software to boost your online marketing efforts. With a set of perfectly designed and programmed affiliate management tools you can track affiliate activities and make improvements where necessary.

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