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Increase your online entertainment value as well as your revenue by adding our Embedded Casino to your website. Our high quality gaming environment integrates seamlessly into any website or portal and will be presented in the look and feel of your brand. This way you will have a low-effort, high-reward gaming environment that will improve your customer’s experience and brand perception.

  • Games

    The most lifelike experience is offered through our live games. To ensure the best quality available on the market today, we have teamed up with leading live gaming provider Ezugi. Real life dealers will host any table game your visitors like to play. The live games can be expanded with many different plug-ins which allow you to push content while the players are at the table or give players access to social media to improve your exposure.

  • 3D Video Slots

    The latest trend in gaming. Our gaming partner Betsoft provides the most advanced 3D slots. These phenomenal 3D games combine gambling with animated sequences of cinematic proportions. Due to their high entertainment factor, these 3D slots are known for their great conversion rate and excellent profitability.

  • Classic Slots

    Slotpartners helps us add a little game room nostalgia to your Embedded Casino. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the gaming market they have created a new standard for classic slots. Playing these slots is like taking a trip down memory lane. An indispensable asset to any online casino.

  • Table Games

    Every table game you and your visitors like to play in a casino is also provided in the embedded casino, thanks to The Art Of Games. The experience is nothing less than the real thing. A guaranteed hit that will keep your visitors entertained for a long time.

  • Backend

    While visitors spend their hours at your casino, our secure backend tells you everything you need to know about what they are doing. A complete and up-to-date overview shows you all the important statistics show you all the information about your players, affiliates, revenue, and more. You also have control over bonus tools and payouts.

  • Affiliate Software

    How do you bring attention to your embedded casino? Through your own network of affiliates of course. Our premium affiliate software, provided by our partner Egass, is built to deliver the best results. Track and improve every move in your affiliate network for maximum control and revenue. Use our special tools to work your way up in the casino affiliate world. We provide you with everything you need to help make your casino a success.

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