Casino Backend

Everything that happens in the frontend of your white label casino has to be carefully monitored and processed by the backend. Our Casino Backend is an easy-to-navigate environment behind the scenes of your online casino makes sure you won’t miss anything that goes on with your players and affiliates.

Casino Backend Functionalities

Everything you need is directly available within a few clicks. Our backend provides insights and tools that give you complete control over your casino. Features include:

Complete and Up-to-Date Overview of all the websites with your casinos on them. Everything is easy to monitor. See what your players are doing (and spending), watch revenue reports, check new sign ups, and much more.
Bespoke Reports to give you more helpful insight in valuable data. This means you can track results of promotions or gain a clearer view on specific details.
Bonus & Promotion Tools that help set up and monitor your own campaigns. Creating and activating promotions can be done with the click of a button.
Affiliate System Integration which completes the full helicopter view of your online casinos. For the best performance, choose our Egass Affiliate Software.
Payout Facilities that can integrate with any PSP you work with. You can also use our in-house PSP solutions to minimize cost and setup time, and maximize security. Read more about our Payment Processing.

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